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How to Expose SAP Business Workflow to SAP Netweaver Gateway

Exposing SAP Business Workflow Decision Step to SAP Netweaver Gateway(as Odata)


1.Business Workflow containing decision step created and activated.
2.SAP Netweaver Gateway Configured.


1. Go to transaction SM34 – View Cluster Maintenance. In the View cluster input field      enter ‚ '/IWWRK/VC_WF_STEP'.Click maintain button.

2. Click the New Entries button. Now you can enter data into the input fields on the            right.

3Enter the Workflow ID and Step ID that you want to expose(decision step).Save the     data. You will need to assign this data to Customizing Request.

4. Select the newly created row by clicking on the row button on the left of the                    Workflow ID column.Double click on the Decision Keys node, this will allow you        to make decision option configuration .

5. Click the New Entries button. Enter a decision option for Accept and Reject .Save         your entries.

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  1. Can you please show the end to end scenario of consuming sap business workflow in custom ui5 app


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