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SAPUI5 Application Consuming OData service with SAP WEB IDE PART-2

    Welcome to PART-2.We will create the application using SAP Web IDE in this part.For knowing how to configure destination in HCP see  SAPUI5 Application Consuming OData service with SAP WEB IDE PART-1

  1.  From SAP Web IDE menu select File->New->Project from Template.SAP Web IDE provide many templates we can make use of them. 

  2.  Now We will be at template selection dialog screen.Select 'SAPUI5 Application template'.From Available versions we have different options including SAPUI5 Innovation and SAPUI5 1.28. Select SAPUI5 Innovation(1.48).This is the latest version and SAP recommend using latest version also it includes more controls like pdfviewer.Click Next.(If you are going with SAPUI5 1.28(Older SAPUI5 version) see Note)

  3.  Give a meaningful project name.I am giving ODataConsumingApp.Leave namespace empty.Click Next.

  4.  Next is selection screen for root view type.We can use XML,javascript,json or html view.SAP recommends XML view.So we select view type XML and name view1(we are not changing it).Click Next.

  5.  Click Finish.A new project will be created in workspace.

  6.  Our project structure looks like below.Component.js provide path to manifest file.manifest.json(application descriptor) contain configuration data.We write functions in controller etc..we are not covering these details here.
                             In the next part we will see adding an OData service to the application.
Note: If you choose to go with latest SAPUI5 1.28 version project structure will not have  manifest.json file.All the metadata will be inside Component.js.

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