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SAP Gateway A to Z : A cheetsheet for beginners !

             This is a summary of  A to Z tutorials in SAP Netweaver Gateway section of this blog starting from 'Step by step OData creation' to 'debugging SAP gateway service'.I have placed them in order for easy access.You can bookmark this page for easy access to the OData tutorials in SAP backend.
        At first we created the OData service exposing a table.Then we have implemented CRUD-Q(CReate,Update,Delete,Query) operation on our Flight Service.We have also implemented $filter query,$expand query ,$top and $skip query.We also implemented batch processing in SAP Gateway.We also now know how to debug if anything bad happens at SAP Gateway side.
SAP Gateway Tutorials cheetsheet
  1. Step by Step Gateway OData creation using SEGW-method 1.Importing DDIC structure.
  2.  OData service implementation for GET_ENTITYSET.
  3. How to implement $filter query option in SAP OData service.
  4. How to implement sorting($order_by) in SAP OData service.
  5. OData service implementation for GET_ENTITY.
  6. How to implement Association/Navigation in SAP OData service.
  7. How to implement nested OData($expand query) in SAP(GET_EXPANDED_ENTITYSET).
  8. How to implement $expand query(GET_EXPANDED_ENTITY) in SAP.
  9. How to get image through SAP Netweaver Gateway(GET_STREAM).
  10. Create data in SAP backend using OData Service.
  11. Update data in SAP backend using OData service.
  12. Delete data in SAP backend using OData service.
  13. How to implement Deep Insert in SAP backend OData service.
  14. Function Import in SAP Gateway OData service.
  15. OData $batch processing in SAP Gateway service.
  16. Debugging SAP Gateway Service.
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