SAP tutorials at your finger tips !

                Happy news for all our supporters.Now SAP tutorials from this blog will be available at your finger tips.We have recently rolled out our 'techippo tutor' android application in the play store.

           We have made this application purely using Openui5 library which is a subset of SAPUI5 library.We have used sap.m.Custom tiles for dashboard and sap.m.List for our list page. 
            This app is mobile version of this blog.All the tutorials are available in the application also.The tutorials are divided into 6 sections.They are SAPUI5 ,SAP GATEWAY,SAP FIORI,SAP ABAP,SAP WORKFLOW and SAP MOBILE. The application has a mark as favorite feature also.You can mark a tutorial as favorite and it will be available for fast access in your favorites section.
             This is our first application.We are thinking of releasing more apps in the future.We need your support and suggestions for the next apps in future.
             So what are you waiting for ? Download it today and spread the word.

Get it on Google Play
Application Link

Note:The application contains ads also its a free app.
We have also launched a sap sd tcode application for sd consultants.Check it out sap sd tcode buddy also
Get it on Google Play
Application Link

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  1. Great app. Please provide detailed instructions on how to build the app. thanks

    1. I have used blogger api for the data for my application. I will be making a tutorial in near future.

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