Implementation of SAP logon user exit SUSR0001


1.SAP user id with developer access

               The enhancement concept allows us to add our own functionality to SAP's standard business applications without having to modify the original applications. To modify the standard SAP behavior as per customer requirements, we can use enhancement framework.
                SAP provide user exits,customer exits and badis for enhancements.In this tutorial we are going to use user exit SUSR0001 which get trigger after successful login to sap system through sap gui.We can make use of Function Exit EXIT_SAPLSUSF_001 to give user some message.


  1. Go to TCODE CMOD.Enter project name starting with z and press enter or click on create button.My project name is ZENH.
  2.  Press Enhancement assignments button in the application toolbar.
  3. We will reach at enhancement screen.Enter SUSR0001 in the enhancement column and hit enter.
  4. Go to Components window by clicking on Components button in application toolbar.
  5. Now in Components window we can see the function modules listed.In our case only on Function exit  EXIT_SAPLSUSF_001 is listed.Double click on this exit
  6. Following source code should be there.Double click on include ZXUSRU01.
  7. Double click on include.We will get a warning message.
  8. Never mind press enter.It will ask to create the include.Press yes and choose package and give workbench request.
  9. Paste following code and activate the function exit.Go back to CMOD and activate the ZENH project also.
    titel = 'Welcome to SAP !'
    txt1 = 'Have A Nice Day'
    txt2 = 'Keep Rocking' *
        TXT3 = ' ' *
        TXT4 = ' '.
  11. Now we can test try logout and login.
  12. You will see the output as shown in below image.

    Note:This user exit does not trigger on rfc logon to sap system.
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