SAP UI5 combo box - disable editing in the control


1.sapui5 framework
2.basic javascript knowledge

What we are going to do is simple.We will create a combobox and then we will access HTML DOM and disable the input field that is contained in the combobox.

1.Create ComboBox control and place it in the page.

var comboboxName = new sap.m.ComboBox("comboboxId", {
    items: [sap.ui.core.Item({
        text: "item1"
2.Access HTML DOM inside onAfterRendering method and disable input field of combobox.

comboboxName.onAfterRendering = function() {
    if (sap.m.ComboBox.prototype.onAfterRendering) {
    document.getElementById("comboboxId-inner").disabled = true;
See it in action below

ComboBox Editing Disabled

This method is not recommendable.But I didnt find any other way to achieve this.Also keep in mind that if sapui5 development team change innerworking of combobox this code may not work if sapui5 libraries are updated.
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