How to validate External Mail Address in SAP ABAP using externel API

Hi Guys ,

               In this tutorial i am going to show you how to validate External mail address in SAP ABAP

Here am not going to check '@' or '.com' . I am using an external API to check whether  a mail id is

valid or not .

There are many ways that we could check a mail id . I will be using  an email validator api  .

And now i am going to show you how easily we could use this on SAP ABAP .

  • Checkout this code below

  • First we try to put a wrong email id and see what happens 

  • The result is ...
  • Try with an actual just go with amazon customer care id 

  • Here it goes ...

  • I used a trial email validator api from .

    In order to get a  trial key just need to goto and put it your name and email id  or just play around with the code you could use any api using this code 

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